Replicarz 1:18 Blue Crown Giveaway

The amazing people at Replicarz are at it again. They have created three incredibly detailed Blue Crown Specials, in the 1:18 scale. Mauri Rose (1947, 1948) and Bill Holland (1949) drove these cars to victory in the Indianapolis 500. You will find these cars have every single detail from the actual cars that crossed the yard of bricks nearly 70 years ago.

Beautifully crafted in 1:18 scale by Replicarz, the body is resin cast, but the opening hood is stamped metal allowing access to the engine bay. By removing the real leather hood straps will reveal the fully wired and plumbed engine. Highly detailed cock pit with glass faced gauges, visible drive train, and gas/brake/clutch pedals. Accurate suspension components, wire wheels, and authentic race day paint.

The wood-look wheel features three chrome spokes and there’s a chrome gas cap behind the driver’s head. You will notice that Holland’s 1949 winner features the darker metallic blue finish. The steering arms and suspension are more detailed, with chrome and other metal parts, including rear disc brakes and calipers. The Firestone tread tires are just another example of how incredibly detailed the Replicarz brand is.

The cars being given away via Twitter are listed below (click the titles to see the item on the Replicarz website).

1947 Blue Crown Special, Indianapolis 500 Winner, Mauri Rose

1948 Blue Crown Special, Indianapolis 500 Winner, Mauri Rose

1949 Blue Crown Special, Indianapolis 500 Winner, Bill Holland

The contest is simple. Click the link below, and enter your information. Following me on Twitter will earn you one entry point, and visiting the Replicarz Facebook page will earn you another point. Three winners will be randomly selected by Rafflecopter. I can’t stress this next part enough: the winners will be notified via email, so be sure to use a valid email address when you enter. Entries will be accepted until 8 PM ET on January 29. You may only enter one time, but three different winners will be chosen. The first winner to reply via email will have first pick of which car they would like.

Click Here to Enter the Replicarz Blue Crown Giveaway

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Good luck!