Win A Marmon Wasp Diecast From Replicarz

Over the past couple of weeks, the wonderful people at Replicarz have allowed me to give away some of their incredible diecast cars. First we gave away some 1:18 scale cars of the 1973 Swede Savage STP-sponsored Eagle, and the 1984 Tom Sneva Texaco Star-sponsored March. After that, they wanted to give away some more stuff! Just recently we gave away three of the 1:43 scale Blue Crown Specials, the 1947, 1948, and 1949 Indy 500-winning cars driven by Mauri Rose and Bill Holland. Those were some incredible machines, with all of the gorgeous details you would expect from Replicarz.

Now there’s this. The one that started it all. The 1911 Marmon Wasp, driven by Ray Harroun. This iconic machine is the gold standard when it comes to diecast cars. It is highly detailed and a very accurate reproduction of the actual car, in the 1:18 scale. The model is produced in resin and has a removable engine cowl to show the fully detailed engine. To this day, Harroun still holds an Indy 500 record; no one has ever come from the 28th (or worse) starting position to win the race. The car averaged 74.602 miles per hour. The total time was 6:42:08 for the 500-mile race.

This car has every fine little detail worked out. the gas tank is strapped down with two black straps, just as the original car did. The cockpit has a molded black seat with puckers to reflect the original leather seat. The large steering wheel has four spokes and a molded bolt cap at the center. On the floor there is a fuel pressure pump, and a fire extinguisher. The famous rear view mirror sits on four struts, and the hood has exhaust holes and gold handles on the side, with a black leather strap holding it shut.

Under the hood, there sits the 6 cylinder, 7.82 liter engine, complete with spark plugs and green headers. The front features the black grille with the Marmon logo and the famous number 32. There is a crank on the nose with a yellow handle, which is the engine starter. The yellow wheel hubs and the rubber Firestone tires put the exclamation point on this one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

If you are even the slightest bit of a nostalgic junkie, this is the car you want. Because Replicarz (Brian) is so incredibly nice, he is giving away one of these incredible cars to one of you. To be entered to win the car, just follow me on Twitter, and click on the link below that will get you in the drawing. We’ll be using RaffleCopter to randomly select the winner.

Enter to Win: Replicarz Marmon Wasp Giveaway

If you don’t win one of these cars, I strongly urge you to go check out the Replicarz website, where you will find a wide range of incredible items. There are the Exclusive Indy Models in both 1:18 and 1:43 scale, and a ton of other diecasts ranging from Dragsters, to Aircraft and Space models, to Ferrari, to Motorcycles, to LeMans, and more. They even have gift certificates, books, and DVDs that would be excellent Christmas or birthday gifts.

Here are some pictures of the amazing Marmon Wasp:

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