Indy 500 Books

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Beast: The Top Secret Ilmor-Penske Race Car That Shocked the World at the 1994 Indy 500 by Jade Gurss
Indy Split: The Big Money Battle that Nearly Destroyed Indy Racing by John Oreovicz
Autocourse Official Illustrated History of the Indianapolis 500 by Donald Davidson and Rick Shaffer
Autocourse Official Illustrated History of the Indianapolis 500: Second Edition by Donald Davidson and Rick Shaffer
Blood and Smoke: A True Tale of Mystery, Mayhem and the Birth of the Indy 500 by Charles Leerhsen
Indy: The Race and Ritual of the Indianapolis 500, Second Edition by Dr. Terry Reed
Black Noon: The Year They Stopped the Indy 500 by Art Garner
Janet Guthrie: A Life at Full Throttle by Janet Guthrie
Rapid Response: My Inside Story as A Motor Racing Life-Saver by Dr. Stephen Olvey
The Sheer Force of Will Power by David Malsher and Will Power
Parnelli: A Story of Auto Racing by Bill Libby
The Indy Car Wars: The 30-Year Fight for Control of American Open-Wheel Racing by Sigur E. Whitaker
The Indianapolis 500: A Century of Excitement by Ralph Kramer
Indianapolis Motor Speedway: 100 Years of Racing by Ralph Kramer
They Call Me Mister 500 by Anthony Granatelli
Victory Road: The Ride of My Life by Helio Castroneves
Hello, I’m Paul Page: It’s Race Day in Indianapolis by Paul Page
Team Penske: 50th Anniversary at the Indianapolis 500 by Team Penske
The Curse of the Indy 500: 1958’s Tragic Legacy by Stan Sutton
Tales from the Indianapolis 500: A Collection of the Greatest Indy 500 Stories Ever Told by Jack Arute
Al Unser Jr: A Checkered Past by Jade Gurss
500 on (the Indy) 500: Tales, Facts and Figures by Rick Shaffer
Let ‘Em All Go! The Story of Auto Racing by Chris Economaki and Dave Argabright
Classic Speedsters: The Cars, The Times, and the Characters Who Drove Them by Ronald Sieber
Savage Angel by Ted Woerner
Indy 500 Memories: An Oral History of “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing” by Art Garner
The Indianapolis 500: Inside the Greatest Spectacle in Racing by J. Craig Reinhardt
A Month at the Brickyard: The Incredible Indy 500 by Sonny Kleinfield
The Winning Cars of the Indianapolis 500 by J. Craig Reinhardt
Indy Cars of the 1950s by Karl Ludvigsen
The Indy 500: Thirty Days In May by Hal Higdon
John Andretti: Racer
500 Miles to Go: The History of the Indianapolis Speedway by Al Bloemker
Thunder at Sunrise: A History of the Vanderbilt Cup, the Grand Prize And the Indianapolis 500 by John M. Burns
What’s It Like Out There? by Mario Andretti
Gentlemen, Start Your Engines by Wilbur Shaw
The Legend of the First Super Speedway by Mark Dill
Epic Drama: The Winning Collection of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum