Replicarz Parnelli Jones Giveaway

The good folks over at Replicarz are still cranking out some incredible pieces of art. Their latest Indy diecast is the 1967 Paxton Turbine STP car, driven by Parnelli Jones in the Indianapolis 500. This diecast is of the 1:18 scale, and comes designed with every little detail you could imagine. After all, if you know Replicarz, that’s exactly what they do. If you are a serious diecast car collector, this one has got to be on your list.

This Turbine is no exception, as it comes ready with a lift off side panel that displays the turbine engine and all of the wiring. The cockpit has every small detail down to the gauges and seat belt. The car also features the eye popping high luster paint finish with the famous STP markings on it from Andy Granatelli’s masterful creation. The nose of the car also comes off so you can gaze at the detail of the chassis. The Firestone rubber makes the whole look of the car pop.

This machine is arguably the most dominant car to not win the Indianapolis 500. Designed by Ken Wallis and Granatelli, the space frame chassis had the driver sitting on the right side of the backbone, while the engine was put on the left side. Granatelli said that every piece of that car was built in house, because they didn’t want anyone to know exactly what they were building. The car was a beast, dominating the race until the very end. The four-wheel drive machine was crushing the competition, as Jones led 171 laps. It was with three laps remaining though, that a $6 transmission bearing cost them the race.

The 1967 Paxton Turbine STP, Indianapolis 500, Parnelli Jones 1:18 Scale Diecast

The contest is simple. Click the link below to enter, and be sure to put in all of your information. Following me on Twitter will earn you one entry point, and visiting the Replicarz Facebook page will earn you another point. The winner will be randomly selected by Rafflecopter. I can’t stress this next part enough: the winner will be notified via email, so be sure to use a valid email address when you enter. I will also announce the winner on Twitter after the person has replied to the email, claiming the prize. Entries will be accepted until 8 PM ET on June 14. You may only enter one time.

Click Here to Enter the Replicarz Parnelli Jones Giveaway

Be sure to thank the fine folks at Replicarz, where they produce some incredible products. If you like what you see, I would highly recommend subscribing to their weekly Newsletter, where you can see new arrivals, items on sale, and future release cars that are going to be made. They have something for everyone, with diecast cars of nearly every form of Motorsport, as well as Calendars, Gift Cards, Figurines, and Books. These are some fantastic gift ideas that are sure to satisfy any racing fan.

There will also be a 1:12 scale model of this car released at a later date. In addition to that, you are able to pre-order Alexander Rossi’s 2016 Indy 500 winning 1:18 diecast (made by Greenlight) at Replicarz.

Good luck!


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