Replicarz Giveaway

The long off-season for the Verizon IndyCar Series is in full effect. The 2016 season seems like an eternity, and the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500 is even further. Fortunately, I was able to reach out to my friends over at Replicarz, and they have once again stepped up to the plate. They are allowing me to give away four of their incredible IndyCar diecasts, which are the most detailed and well-built products out there.

Their slogan is Fine Scale Models for the Auto Enthusiast. While this sounds good, it looks even better. There are so many products that have already been produced, and many more that are coming soon. The models range from Indy Legends over the past century, as well as LeMans, Formula One, Ferrari, Motorcycles, and even aircraft and space designs. Three of the four cars we’re giving away are past Indianapolis 500 winners. The four cars we’re giving away are below (click the picture for more details).

1970 Johnny Lightning PJ Colt – Al Unser Sr

This 1:43 scale PJ Colt is mounted on a custom base with engraved plaque. Only 333 were ever made. This is the car Al Unser Sr took to victory lane in 1970. It was the first of four Indy 500 wins for Al, as he started on pole, leading 190 laps.

1973 STP Eagle – Swede Savage


The orange STP Eagle. This is a 1:18 scale of the car that Swede Savage drove in the 1973 race, which unfortunately is a sad story. The metal body has a removable bonnet, showing the Offy engine and the electronics. It has the authentic cockpit with the controls and gauges.

1973 Eagle – Gordon Johncock


This the 1:18 scale Eagle that Gordon Johncock took to victory lane in 1973. It was the first of two for Johncock, who won the race after rain poured down over the speedway. Just like Swede’s car, it has the removable bonnet, and all of the glass gauges in the cockpit.

1985 March Spin & Win


Everyone remembers the “Spin and Win” in 1985. This 1:43 scale car also comes on the engraved plaque. Like the PJ Colt, there were only 333 of these ever made. It has every last detail you could imagine, and it’s just a gorgeous car.


Now to the important stuff. How do you enter to win one of these fine diecasts? It’s actually very easy, thanks to Rafflecopter. All you have to do is click this link here for the giveaway. Visit Replicarz’s Facebook page, and follow me on Twitter. Enter your information and be sure to use a valid email address that you currently use. I can’t stress that enough, as this is how the winners will be contacted. You only need to enter one time, as four random winners will be selected by Rafflecopter. The contest will end at 7 PM on September 21, and the winners will be notified later that night, via email.

If you aren’t one of the four winners, you can still head on over to the Replicarz website and find exactly what you’re looking for. Their selection is incredible, and there is something for everyone. They are great birthday and anniversary gifts, and they have books, DVDs, and gift cards too. Check them out, and be sure to thank them for all of the giveaways they have done over the past year.

Below are more photos of the items that we’ll be giving away, courtesy of Replicarz.


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