Catching Up With Replicarz

If you’re into diecast cars that go into great detail, look no further than the folks at Replicarz. Their slogan is Fine Scale Models for the Auto Enthusiast. While this sounds good, it looks even better. There are so many products that have already been produced, and many more that are coming soon. The models range from Indy Legends over the past century, as well as LeMans, Formula 1, Ferrari, Motorcycles, and even aircraft and space designs. There are literally too many types of cars to even possibly list here.

I strongly advise you to go check out the website, but don’t expect to just look. There is something for everyone, and they make excellent birthday/Christmas presents too. They come in different sizes, and the shipping is quick and very well packaged. Enough about how amazing they are, lets see what has been cooking over there, and what you can expect to see in the next few months.

Brian Fothergill is the Vice President at Replicarz, and he was kind enough to share some great insight into what is going on down there in Vermont. First up will be the two new 1:43 scale Indy Winners, the 1926 Frank Lockhart and 1929 Ray Keech. Brian noted that the #15 on Lockhart’s car has a decal change coming, and that the numbers would be different on production models.

There will be two new 1:18 scale Blue Crown Specials coming next month, which just adds to an already incredible lineup. The first is the 1947 Mauri Rose machine, and also the 1948 Winner. These cars are simply gorgeous. The design, the color, the detail – it’s all brought to life beautifully by the folks over at Replicarz. Brian also said they came up with a new hood strap design on the Blue Crown Specials, which is “amazingly simple”.

If for some reason the vintage Indy Cars aren’t your cup of tea, there is plenty more on the horizon. There will be two Mickey Thompson Challenger Land Speed Cars that will be available in September. The 1959 car and the 1960 car both look sleek and fast. The colors are simply stunning. Definitely check out the Coming Soon page on the website, where there so many different cars to choose from. It’s just a small taste of what they have been working on.

Perhaps the coolest thing Brian showed me, were spy shots of the Turbine that they are working on. He allowed me to share the images, which are below. He did explain that they are still a long way from finished, but the body is correct. These are pre-production images. The fasteners are wrong, the wheels still need painted, etc. The car itself though, is “almost there”. He said these should arrive sometime in October.

For those interested in adding the most recent Indianapolis 500 winning car to their collection, the 2015 Juan Montoya Team Penske Chevrolet is due out in January, according to Brian. That is just a quick rundown of what has been brewing over at Replicarz recently. Again, I strongly encourage you to check out the website and find a gift for someone and/or yourself. They always have stuff on sale, and also sell gift cards, books, and DVDs. I want to thank Brian for providing some insight to what they’re doing, and to thank them for making such beautiful pieces of work.


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