China Race Cancelled

The August 19 event in Qingdao, China was officially cancelled today. The question on everyone’s mind now, is where do we go now?

The IndyCar Series has to have 16 events this season, and with the race in China not happening, we are down to just 15. People have been debating for weeks what exactly Randy Bernard has up his sleeve, and we may have an idea now. Eddie Gossage has been contacted by IndyCar about holding another race there this year, possibly the season finale on October 7.

If the replacement race does end up being the season finale for 2012, we know that it will most likely be an oval. They do not want to end the season on a road or street course. That puts places like Road America and Laguna Seca out of the picture unless a time can be found before the September 15 race in Fontana, which will be next to impossible.

If you had a (realistic) choice as to which track we add to this year’s schedule, where would you go?


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